Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Problems With Tekken 6 (In Less Than Sixty Seconds).

I'm actually okay with the fight system itself, it's solid. Everything else needs to go at this stage. The art direction's a joke, there's just too many characters (quality, not quantity), the story is rapidly falling apart, the loading times are far too long, they replaced the rather nice story mode with a ridiculous campaign mode, they continue to push their stupid customisation feature, the final boss, Azazel, is the worst designed thing in any thing I've ever seen, the music is terrible, the menus are bad, any single player mode is badly disguised to make you feel as if you're playing online, it took forever to come out on consoles, the trophy set actually has "Trophy Set" written in it, many of the stages are really cramped, both Azazel and that stupid giant robot are entirely pointless and add nothing but pure frustration to the game, the characters are overdesigned to the point at which they look like caricatures of their former selves, and the gameplay does have a problem with it, a pointless and rather clumsy "Rage Mode" . . . I won't even go into this. They need to shave everything back to Tekken Tag Tournament and start again, because they've gone terribly terribly wrong somewhere.

Azazel is such a mess that this is still the only
official image of him I can find online.


  1. Here here, these were all the reasons I found Tekken 6 nearly unplayable ~ I was looking forward to it for years, then when it came out I tried it and couldn't even bring myself to buy the thing. Azazel is a monstrosity, he's like a design rejected for a Yu-Gi-Oh card for being too damn ridiculous.
    I like to pretend it never happened, here's hoping Tag Team Tournament 2 is a return to form!

  2. I think i played 6 what i hared was fucking all the characters were available at the start but the whole fun of the single besides playing was always unlocking new characters and that made the single player less enjoyable. /end rant.