Friday, 24 June 2011

inFamous 2, Hero Edition. Is it worth it?


Right, first off, this is not a review of the game (that's on the way), I just wanna make a quick post about this package. 

The Box.

I pre-ordered this while up to my knees in college work and looking for a carrot to dangle from a stick at the end of the tunnel. I saw the little Cole model and figured "I deserve a treat" and I didn't stop to consider the price. I was so blinded by sheer consumerism that I didn't even stop to consider I'd be buying it from Gamestop, a place I normally avoid like the black plague. So the release day came and I enthusiastically entered where gamers go to get screwed over and was presented with this large box of inFamous 2-ness. 

Now, I had heard rumours that this was one hundred and thirty euro before, but it still hurt me like stepping on an upturned plug while wearing loose socks when I saw those ungodly numbers flash across the till. inFamous 2 retails at about forty five euro in my local HMV so I was really hoping for at the very least seventy euro's worth of product in the box along with the game, which I figure was a reasonable compromise on my end. This is what one hundred and thirty euro got me: 

So, for one hundred and thirty euro you get:
  • A copy of inFamous 2 in a weird case.
  • A scale model of Cole McGrath.
  • A bag based off the one worn by Cole McGrath (that you'll never wear).
  • A bunch of DLC stuff (that I can't find).
  • A soundtrack.
  • A miniature version of the first issue of the inFamous comic series.
  • A beta code for Uncharted 3's multiplayer mode.
The Model.

This was the main attraction to the package and I'm suitably impressed with the overall quality of it. It's built quite solid and heavy. The level  of detail is fairly decent and it's painted quite well. It now sits proudly on top of my shelf.
The Bag.

I was actually quite surprised at the quality of this. It's a decent size and fits nicely enough. From what I can tell it's fairly durable. You'll never use it though. This is one of those things that will end up in the bottom of your wardrobe and never be seen again which is exactly why things like models work, they're meant to be left on a shelf and never touched. If I want a bag, I go out and buy it, why would I want one that looks like the one Cole McGrath wears? And is orange?

The Comic.

Now this is the one that pissed me off. I'm paying over a hundred euro for this set. I want the whole fucking comic, not just issue one. For that price it's laughable that I'm only getting the first issue without the other five. Not only that but it's a miniature version, less than the size of a DVD case. The box is huge, you could easily accommodate a whole trade paperback in there. Hell, even a hardback. For the money I'm paying a consider it quite a big slap in the face that I'm getting this shitty little leaflet. 


Just to get this out there from the start, I never consider digital content to be something that should add cost to a game, but I'll address this in it's own post later. Included with this set was: 

  • Fifty percent discount of inFamous on PSN.
  • Original inFamous Cole and Kessler skins.
  • Lightning Hook, Electrocution Grenade, Gold Amp.
  • Official Soundtrack.
  • Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta code. 
Right, if I'm paying over a hundred euro, I want the first inFamous free and on disk. Fifty percent is simply not good enough. This was also around the time that inFamous was free online but that's not Sucker Punch's fault so let's leave that there. The weapons stuff is pretty worthless to me in the scheme of things (side note: I've played through the game twice and I still have not figured out how to actually try out any of these things in-game), same goes for the skins. The soundtrack is actually a pretty nifty thing to have and exactly the sort of thing that I think any collector's edition should have. The multiplayer beta for Uncharted 3 is pretty cool although it'll be another while before it's actually available. I always think it's cool when studios sorta work together so I like seeing Sucker Punch supporting Naughty Dog (although I'm quite sure the inclusion of the code was Sony's decision). A beta code is another nice little thing to have in a special edition but definitely not something that should ever add cost.

The Conclusion.

Is this a cool collector's edition? Yes. Is it worth nearly a hundred and fifty euro? Hell to the no. The model is pretty good and will definitely be the biggest selling point aside from the game itself. It's good and heavy and will look cool on your shelf. The bag on the other hand will rot away in your room somewhere, regardless of quality. These sets are about things you can throw up on your shelf and display, not things you wear or take outside (night vision goggles, remote control cars). The comic is just a joke to me. The box could easily contain all six issues at the very least. It's a cheap tactic to get you to buy the other five issues and I don't like that one bit. The soundtrack is pretty cool and I've already moved mine onto my iPod. The DLC? Who cares? A few skins and different colour weapons should not mean more money from my pocket. 

If this set was selling for a hundred euro I'd say it was a reasonable deal but there are simply too many pointless things in it. Buy the game on it's own instead I say. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

So, Shall I Introduce Myself?

Hello there, so I'm Graham. I'm an animation student and I've been playing video games for as long as I remember. I started out with an Amstrad and Sega Mega Drive playing classics like Sonic and Double Dragon. Then my awesome mam got me a Playstation for my eighth birthday and that's where the obsession sorta began. So now I am the proud owner of a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube and Playstation Portable. I have a fairly respectable collection of games although I bought many of them in a binge and there are still a few I haven't got to fully experience yet. These days I spend most of my time either in college or work so I don't have nearly as much time to play games as I'd like but I still do my best. I keep a close eye on the industry and anyone who follows me on Twitter will tell you that I nearly always have something to say about it so this is essentially what the blog is going to be about.

My aim with this page is to voice my views and opinions on the ever changing world of video games. I'll post reviews up here and little articles about trends, topics and news in gaming. I'll post the odd review but seeing as I'm no journalist, don't be expecting it on release day :). You may also be subjected to my views on other topics such as film and other various subjects but generally I wanna keep this page about the gaming. So stick around, read some stuff and please mail me, comment or send me a message on Twitter if you want to respond to anything.